My story...

For as long as I can remember I wanted to learn about the opera, watercolor and to write a book.  So in May of 1995, when I was riveted by the paintings I saw in the window of a local book store, I said, “I want to paint like that!”  Two weeks later, I met the artist who changed my life. Emily Bracale and I worked together for three years and with her I gained the courage to explore the basics of watercolor and eventually outgrew the kitchen table into the full watercolor studio I have in my new home.

But for years, I struggled to paint “correctly” – to carefully control the way the paint interacted with the water and paper and to create a predictable outcomes when I wanted to.  But my artwork lacked emotion and feeling.  It may have been “good art,” and it may have pleased my friends, when I painted during a meeting and gave my artwork away as gifts, but I realize now that I was painting in one dimension.  Then something new began to happen in the summer of 2006. Suddenly new, whimsical beings began to appear on paper under my pen, one after another and I couldn’t stop smiling!  Each one was a surprise, as unique as the one before!  These little beings seemed overflowing with the emotion my artwork lacked before!  I became overwhelmed by a need to share what they were bringing to me.  So, voila! The Joybelz & Company website was born! 

And now, after several years, an illness and remission, I'm excited to create this new webpage (maybe this is "the book" I was going to write?)  so you can follow my journey to learn about watercolor and its magic (and the opera is playing in the background/ WTJU, every Sunday afternoon!!)